Binfield Bison 0 - Twyford Comets 2

Saturday 13 September 2008



The first game of the season for the Under 9's experienced a loss for Binfield to Twyford Comets.  The Bison's battled well throughout the game, demonstrating a great strength in defence. This was also the first game on a larger pitch for the team.


Early in the first half Twyford's No 4 was awarded a penalty which was saved by Bison's goalkeeper Ben.  Shortly after that the No 9 Twyford player made an excellent run down the pitch but the Bison defence crowded his play leaving no opportunity for a shot on goal.  Twyford retaliated with a further shot by No 9 which narrowly missed. Shots on goal were repeated by Twyford's No4 and No9 throughout the first ten minutes.  All attempts were either interrupted by Bison's strong defence or saved by the keeper.


At the mid point in the first half a penalty kick was awarded to Bison's after a foul, free kick taken by Charlie but cleared off the line by Twyford's defence.  Twyford soon regained possession and once again headed for the goal at pace, a further three shots on goal saved by Ben.  Just before the half time whistle another breakaway run by Twyford was chased down by Bison's Toby at full pace and Binfield cleared the threat, keeping the ball in play.


The defence for Bison's including Ben, Toby and Richard showed both a progression in skill and determination in defending the goal and keeping the ball in play, moving away from the easy option to kick the ball out.


Half time score 0-0


Within seconds of the return to the pitch there was a strike by Twyford on goal and a corner, resulting in yet another two attempts on goal again saved by Ben.  The action prompted a breakaway run at speed by the Bison's mid field, this resulted in our first shot on goal which hit the post, unlucky James.  Binfields midfield fought well to pull back possession which saw James leave the pitch after a misplaced header causing a minor injury. Immediately after the sub came on there was an attack by the Bison's mid field and attack, accurately passing to each other and experiencing a shot on goal by Riley, which hit the bar and missed.



Twyford picked up their pace and once again made an attack on goal, the ball cleared away by defence but into the feet of Twyford who continued to make shots on goal. Twyford eventually scored from close range, congratulation to Twyfords No 3.  Binfield fuelled by potential defeat picked up the pace and made several runs, but Twyford's defence were eagerly waiting to counter the attack and a big kick from the back aided the Twyford No4 who picked up speed to run forward and score just 4 minutes after the first goal.  Both teams played well and continued with effort until the whistle was blown with a 2 nil loss for Binfield.



Congratulations to Twyfords players and manager who displayed both fair play and great perseverance.  And well done too for the Bison's solid defence and the respectful conduct from the supporters.


The managers man of the match went to defence player Toby who chased down many of the attempts on goal and who ran his heart out.  The parent's man of the match was awarded to Ben who saved at least 22 shots in one game, a possible PB!